Guided by the vision of technology being at the service of man, Nivitec creates innovative and personalised solutions in safety and rescue field via drone technology.

The importance and the risks, human and social, of professional rescue teams is indisputable and the extreme conditions and the responsibilities of the rescuers require therefore the best response for their needs: drones of high technology and of an irreproachable quality.

Nivitec has therefore decided upon the goal of providing a new tool to assist intervention teams to accomplish their search and rescue missions in the safest and quickest way possible, with a higher efficiency than ever before.

Our commitment

  • Customer relationship
  • Custom solution
  • Innovation and R&D oriented
  • Pionners of the field


Drone Snøw

Whenever a human life is in peril, every second counts…

Every year in Switzerland, 25 people on average die in avalanches. After a mere 15 minutes survival chances drop to 50%.

Nivitec wants to defeat the first enemy that appears in this type of rescue mission: time.

In order to reduce the search length for victims and hence multiply their chances of survival, all the while limiting the risk subjected to the rescue teams; our start-up is currently developing its first flagship product: the autonomous search drone Snøw.

A perfect combination of the Matrice 210 of DJI and the avalanche beacon technology (DVA) of the Swiss company Girsberger, our product will be an ideal solution at all times. It will insure the highest level of security and trust for intervention teams and a more rapid search method for victims equipped with a DVA emitter, via an optimised research algorithm.

The main advantages of Snøw

  • Calculation speed for DVA search
  • Simultaneous search of multiple victims
  • Movement without constraint
  • Global view of the intervention zone
  • Victim’s pre-marking system
  • Accessibility over difficult terrain
  • Reduction of risks to the rescue squad


  • Autonomous flight
  • Smart DVA algorithm detection
  • Onboard cameras
  • Automatic recharge
  • Extended scope
  • Checkpoint base

Matrice 200 DJI
DJI Matrice 210

Technical specifications

Flight time: 30 minutes
Wind resistance: 12 m/s
Maximum speed: 61 km/h
DVA antenna range: 40 m
Protection IP43
Temperature range: -20°C à 45°C
Maximum load: 2 kg
Dimensions (unfolded): 88x88x38 cm
Weight: 4.5 kg


Vincent Bontempelli – Project manager

Bachelor of Science University of Applied Sciences in Systems Engineering

At first a student in physics and applied mathematics in college, Vincent decided to become an engineer to wield the tools needed to resolve problems facing our modern society. In 2018, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland in Sion. Dynamic and a great mountain lover, he likes to take on new challenges.

Jonathan Michel – Product manager

Bachelor of Science University of Applied Sciences in Systems Engineering

After studying electronics, Jonathan became an engineer in Systems Engineering. Currently, he is working towards his Master’s in engineering (MSE) parallel to the start-up. Through Nivitec, he combines two passions – aeronautics and search and rescue – in order to develop innovative solutions that can assist in the daily lives of the professionals in alpine security.

Stéphanie Ferreira – Business developer

Bachelor of Science University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration

Born to an entrepreneur father, Stéphanie has always been drawn towards the world of business and ambitious challenges. Graduated of the School of Management in Sierre and ex-member of a student association, she believes in a resolutely human and social economy.


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