Drone Snøw

Whenever a human life is in peril, every second counts…

Every year in Switzerland, 25 people on average die in avalanches. After a mere 15 minutes survival chances drop to 50%.

Nivitec wants to defeat the first enemy that appears in this type of rescue mission: time.

In order to reduce the search length for victims and hence multiply their chances of survival, all the while limiting the risk subjected to the rescue teams; our start-up is currently developing its first flagship product: the autonomous search drone Snøw.

A perfect combination of the Matrice 210 of DJI and the avalanche beacon technology (DVA) of the Swiss company Girsberger, our product will be an ideal solution at all times. It will insure the highest level of security and trust for intervention teams and a more rapid search method for victims equipped with a DVA emitter, via an optimised research algorithm.

The main advantages of Snøw

  • Calculation speed for DVA search
  • Simultaneous search of multiple victims
  • Movement without constraint
  • Global view of the intervention zone
  • Victim’s pre-marking system
  • Accessibility over difficult terrain
  • Reduction of risks to the rescue squad


  • Autonomous flight
  • Smart DVA algorithm detection
  • Onboard cameras
  • Automatic recharge
  • Extended scope
  • Checkpoint base

Matrice 200 DJI
DJI Matrice 210

Technical specifications

Flight time: 30 minutes
Wind resistance: 12 m/s
Maximum speed: 61 km/h
DVA antenna range: 40 m
Protection IP43
Temperature range: -20°C à 45°C
Maximum load: 2 kg
Dimensions (unfolded): 88x88x38 cm
Weight: 4.5 kg